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WMD - free the world
Nuclear Disarmament

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WMD - free the world
Nuclear Disarmament

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Congress - Nonproliferation Voting Record

You've heard what they say . . .
See how their voting record
matches their words.
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Want to help make the world free from WMD? It's as simple as a click. The Daisy Alliance brings you the 20 year voting record on WMD arms control legislation for each current member of Congress. Our congressional voting record database is a useful resource to quickly view how your senators and representatives are representing your position. It also includes phone numbers for your senators and representative, so that you may contact their office directly.

Sometimes it is difficult to determine the stance of Congress on issues of WMD disarmament and nuclear nonproliferation. To make it easier for you, we've included a layperson's explanation of the measure. We've also color coded each House and Senate Bill or Act (including floor amendments), along with every current Senator's and Representative's roll call vote. Green shading indicates legislation and voting that advances the cause of arms control. Disarmament and nuclear nonproliferation legislation includes nuclear testing, nuclear disarmament, weapons of mass destruction, and missile defense.

This is just one of the many ways the Daisy Alliance is helping to create a grass roots movement to keep our world safe. Feel free to link your website to this page from Daisy Alliance.

Arms control is not a spectator sport.

Don't sit on the sidelines; participate in democracy.

You must tell your legislators what you want and

vote for those who support your position.

But, a voice is not heard until it speaks. Have you spoken?

This database is locked to prevent outside editing. If you wish to use the congressional records database for research purposes, please contact Bruce Roth at

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