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Collegiate Chapters


As part of the grassroots organizing, Daisy Alliance partners with high school and college students to form Daisy Alliance school chapters. Through school chapters, students undertake a number of activities, including organizing forums and guest lectures, local advocacy, networking opportunities, internships, and engaging with the public on salient issues.

For more information or to form a Daisy Alliance school chapter, please email Holly Lindamood, Associate Director, at

Current Chapters

Mission: To spread awareness about the nuclear threat and work to prevent the use of another nuclear weapons through grassroots education and advocacy.  History has shown that we've come close to nuclear war before through both accidental and purposeful escalation.  We believe that we are inching closer to another detonation of a nuclear weapons.  We believe in doing everything in our power in order to change policies and lower the risks of the use of another nuclear weapon.

For more information or to join the Daisy-UK Alliance, please email Dr. Gregory Hall, Executive Director, at

Daisy-UK Alliance

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