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Daisy Alliance Lecture Series

Spotlight on Nuclear Weapons Issues

Beginning in September 2022, Daisy Alliance will be hosting a monthly virtual lecture series.  Each month will feature a different speaker highlighting salient issues in international security, nuclear weapons policy, and nuclear arms control.  We pull from our network of scholars and activists to bring you diverse views on topics such as the war in Ukraine, China’s nuclear weapons policies, nuclear weapons through the lens of competition and power, and the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons.  These zoom lectures are free and open to the public—we look forward to seeing you each month!  

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Wednesday November 16, 2022    7:00pm EST

Dr. Chuck Powell

On High Alert: An insider's perspective on US nuclear posture

Dr. Powell will discuss his experience as an Air Force officer with joint authority over up to 150 nuclear warheads.  His unique insider perspective will delve into the number, distribution, and consequences of nuclear weapons and address what we can do to reduce the mortal threat nuclear weapons pose.  Dr. Powell is an expert in organizational development, leadership, and change.  Keep an eye out for his thought-provoking and poignant posts on the Daisy Alliance blog.

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We have an exciting list of speakers coming up.  Check back for more information and to register.


December: Holly Lindamood, Daisy Alliance Associate Director


January: Dr. Tong Zhao, Senior Fellow, Carnegie Endowment's Nuclear Policy Program

February: Dr. Gregory Hall, Daisy Alliance Executive Director and Associate Professor at UKY's Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce

March: Dr. Vincent Intondi, Author of African Americans Against the Bomb: Nuclear Weapons, Colonialism, and the Black Freedom Movement

April: Dr. Yuki Miyamoto, Professor, DePaul College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

May: Back from the Brink, grassroots coalition working to rid the world of nuclear weapons

Past Talks

Dr. Martin Hellman on National Insecurity: Rethinking our fundamental assumptions about national security, September 13, 2022  

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In his talk, Dr. Hellman discussed how our thinking on national security is mired in assumptions from the pre-nuclear era that are dangerously obsolete today.  He examined a number of such assumptions and applied them to the war in Ukraine.  Dr. Hellman is a Professor Emeritus at Stanford University and a long-time expert and activist in the field of nuclear arms control.  His current project, Rethinking National Security, questions the assumptions that form the foundation of our thinking on national security.

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