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Power Relations in a Post-Obama Era: Examining US-China-Russia Foreign Relations
Gregory O. Hall

Dr. Gregg Hall's latest book, Power Relations in a Post-Obama Era: Examining US-China-Russia Power Relations, is now available for pre-order.  A follow-up to his 2013 book, Authority, Ascendancy, and Supremacy: China, Russia, and The United States' Pursuit of Relevancy and Powerthe book explores the changing nature and function of the US-China-Russia strategic triangle from the end of the Cold War up to the present.  Dr. Hall uses neoclassical realist international relations (IR) theory to argue that that since the mid-2000s, the politics of the strategic triangle have been increasingly influenced by factors related to the Big3 countries’ respective domestic environments.

No Time to Kill
Bruce. A. Roth


No Time to Kill is a layperson's guide to weapons of mass destruction, examining chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons through the lens of anthropology, foreign policy, religious violence, the history of war, and the rule of law.  Written by Daisy Alliance founder Bruce Roth, NTTK both analyzes the threat posed by WMD and proposes reasonable solutions to make the a safer place.


Email to order your copy of NTTK and help support the work of Daisy Alliance.  All book sales go to fund the Daisy Alliance education program.

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