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Introducing Global Connections TV

Are you looking to learn more about international relations that have a local impact?


Global Connections Television provides in-depth analysis of key current issues including climate change, environmental sustainability, economic development, global partnerships, renewable energy, technology, culture, education, food security, poverty reduction, peace and security, and gender issues.

Hosted by friend of Daisy Alliance, Bill Miller, GCTV is an independently produced, privately financed talk show focusing on international issues and how they affect people all over the world.

GCTV episodes explore insider perspectives from public and private organizations, such as the United Nations featuring interviews from global leaders, international relations experts, educators, business leaders, and representatives from intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations.

Previous guests include Dr. Jane Goodall, Mary Robinson (former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights), and Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul, and Mary).

An upcoming episode will feature Daisy Alliance’s Dr. Chuck Powell, a former Air Force officer with co-authority for the launch of up to 150 nuclear warheads.

GCTV’s host, Bill Miller, is an accredited journalist at the UN for the Washington International, writing about UN issues. He is the Principal of Miller and Associates International Media Consultants, which created GCTV. Bill developed an interest in international issues and the UN when he served as a US Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic. He was instrumental in helping to launch “Rotary Day at the United Nations,” a program designed to strengthen the unique partnership between the Rotary and the UN.

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