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Give the Gift of Human Security

You can help us make the world a safer place by donating to Daisy Alliance today at

A nuclear exchange anywhere in the world would have catastrophic humanitarian consequences, from widespread death and destruction to changing weather patterns that would significantly reduce the global food supply. Daisy Alliance works to reduce that threat through education and advocacy.

Your contribution will help us to

  • fund student internships

  • create a nuclear weapons podcast

  • create new and inclusive programs that bring diverse voices to the table

  • sponsor active learning simulations at Morehouse and Spelman Colleges in 2024.

Through our youth education program, we create educational materials for high school and college students that redefine security to focus on humans and link nuclear weapons to other security issues, such as climate change and racism. We engage students on a deeper level to enhance their understanding of critical security issues, the challenges of diplomacy, and the importance of disarmament.

In 2023, we sponsored active learning simulations at the Universities of Kentucky and North Texas, produced issues guides that are available for free download on the US Nuclear Posture and US-China Security Relations, and funded two student research assistants.


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