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  • C Uday Bhaskar

Trump’s New Nuke Stance Could Open a Pandora’s Box in South Asia

The revised US nuclear posture announced by President Donald Trump on Friday, 2 February, seeks to re-introduce Tactical Nuclear Weapons (TNW) to ostensibly enhance the American deterrence profile against major nuclear weapon powers (read: Russia and China).

However, this US policy shift can have adverse implications for other parts of the world – particularly with regard to the prickly South Asian nuclear dyad, and the elliptical message of endorsement it conveys to Pakistan.

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C Uday Bhaskar is a former Daisy Alliance Board Member and is the Director of the National Maritime Foundation in New Delhi. He retired from the Indian Navy in early 2007 after 37 years of service. The Commodore is also the Contributing Editor of the South Asia Monitor and a columnist for Reuters and the Dainik Jagran. He is the former Director of the Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses (IDSA) and was appointed Member-Secretary of the Government of India Task Force on 'Global Strategic Developments.' He is a member of Pugwash and has been on the Executive Council of the Indian Pugwash since

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