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Annual Student Scholarship/Essay Contest

Daisy Alliance is pleased to announce the Annual Student Scholarship/Essay Contest for 2018. The contest is open to undergraduate and graduate students from any country who are currently enrolled in a college or university.

Essay Topic

“The North Korean Nuclear Conundrum: Is a Peaceful Resolution Possible?”

A major development during the post-Cold War period has been North Korea’s march toward establishing long-range missile and nuclear weapons capability. Since the ascension of Kim Jong-un in 2011, the pace of missile and nuclear tests has greatly increased. North Korea was already a formidable regional power but now is on the threshold of entering into the ranks of countries that are capable of projecting military (missile) power globally. All of this is transpiring as the Donald J. Trump administration in the United States has adopted a much more confrontational approach toward North Korea. Most estimates say that a new war on the Korean Peninsula would result in casualties in the hundreds of thousands if not millions of people. In your assessment, where is this conflict headed? Do you think a peaceful resolution is possible?

Students should address all of the following questions:

  • Should diplomatic talks include any preconditions? Who should be involved in diplomatic efforts and is there a “preferred” framework?

  • Is nuclear deterrence functioning after the Cold War, and if so, how? Consider the concept of deterrence from the standpoint of the various parties to this conflict.

  • Do you agree with the idea of a possible US preemptive strike against North Korea? Under what conditions? Also, what would be some important political/diplomatic, legal, and ethical implications of such an action?

  • Are there any lessons or implications potentially for nuclear conflicts in other regions, such as the Middle East and South Asia?

The essay should be 8-10 pages in length (double spaced, excluding footnotes and bibliography), and must use appropriate scholarly resources (Note: Wikipedia is not an acceptable academic source). Essays will be judged based on content and quality, including a clear thesis statement and strong support for your argument.

Papers must be submitted by May 1, 2018 via email in English as a Word file to Ms. Jessica Jennings, Staff Assistant, Be sure to include your name, complete mailing address, school name and address, and classification. Please direct any questions to Ms. Jennings, or to Dr. Gregory Hall, Executive Director,, 859-257-4671 (Office).

1st Place -- $300

2nd Place -- $200

3rd Place -- $100


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