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  • Jessica Jennings

Rethinking National Security

Daisy Alliance Board Member and Adjunct Senior Fellow for Nuclear Risk Analysis Federation of American Scientists has written a paper on the transformation of national security in a globalized world.

When World War II ended in 1945 our nation was secure from attack. Since then, we have invested trillions of dollars in an effort to improve our national security. We have applied some of our brightest minds to maximize the value of that investment. Yet, absurdly, we now can be destroyed in under an hour. In mathematics, an absurd result from a logical line of reasoning proves that at least one underlying assumption must be false. While other factors contributed to our predicament, we need to re-examine the assumptions that form the foundation for our current approach to national security, starting with the concept itself. In the age of nuclear weapons, cyberattacks, terrorism, and environmental crises, is national security becoming inseparable from global security? If so, how do our current policies need to change?

Read the rest of paper here.

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